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Triton Duo Venturi Fits Triton engines and other with a 13mm carb opening. Also fits PICCO, Reds, RC Concept, OS, Bullitt,Novarossi, REX, TOP, Ninja, Newer Werks, Newer Orion, Newer Sirio, Protek,Alpha, LRP ZZ .21 for .21 and up on and off road engines. (patent pending) Part# TRI-DV21T
Triton  Duo Venturi For carbs with a 12mm opening.  For older versions of Werks, Orion, Sirio,Capricorn .21 and up on and off road engines. (patent pending) Part# TRI-DV21L
The Triton Duo Venturi is the only venturi you’ll ever need.  The Duo increases air veocity into the carburetor increasing throttle response while its dual chamber design improves fuel mileage. The venturi has 2 different size and volume openings to give a wide array of adjustments to suit drivers needs .By simply rotating the position of the venturi in the carburetor you can place the smaller opening towards the idle gap, larger opening towards the idle gap or turn sideways with the opening on top and bottom to act like a standard venturi. You can use full throttle throw and as you open the throttle you will transition between the smaller and larger openings  automatically, or you can set your end point to match the openings.  Unlike other choked down venturis with one small opening that kill power and compromise tuning. The Triton Duo allows you to increase fuel economy and fine tune it to your needs without losing power or sacrificing tunability.    PATENT PENDING
Larger opening towards Idle gap: Improves throttle response over bottom and midrange portion of power band while improving mileage.
Smaller opening towards idle gap: Improves throttle response on the bottom end while improving mileage.
Limit EPA to match larger opening: Larger fuel mileage gains  but reduces overall power and makes tuning critical ( recommended only for proficient tuners).
Sideways: Responds  similar to a normal single opening venturi.