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Triton L4 L5 engine parts
Triton L4 Pro Spec piston/sleeve set
Triton .21 head button Head button for Triton L4, L5  engines.
Triton .21 connecting rod HIgh performance, high srength connecting rod for Triton  L4 & L5 .21 engines
Triton carburetor Triton 21 carburetor with 6.5mm and 7mm venturi’s.
Triton .21 piston wrist pin Piston pin for Triton .21 engines
Triton Piston clips for .21 enignes (10) per pack.
Triton .21 head shims  .1mm .1mm head shims for Triton .21 engines (4) per pack
Triton  .21 head shims .2mm .2mm head shims for Triton  .21 engines (4) per pack
Triton low speed carb O-rings Low speed carburetor needle O-rings (2)
Triton  high speed needle O-rings Black High speed carburetor needle O-rings  (2) per pack
Triton high speed needle O-rings Red High speed carburetor needle O-rings (2) per pack
Triton  flat exhaust gaskets HIgh quality Triton exhaust gaskets (2) per pack. These gaskets are smooth and have NO ridge. Fits on Triton L4 and L5 engines, and pipes that use a flat style gasket..
Piston , sleeve set for Triton L4 .21 engine
Part# TRI-2124
Part# TRI-2133
Part# TRI-2120
Part# TRI-2150
Part# TRI-2121
Part# TRI-2131
Part# TRI-2132
Part# TRI-2154
Part# TRI-2175
Part# TRI-2174
Part# TRI-2115
Triton manifold springs Manifold springs to connect exhaust manifold to engine on Triton engines (2) per pack
Triton 6.5mm carb venturi 6mm carb venturi for Triton L4 & L5 engines
Part# TRI-2203
Part# TRI-2179
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Part# TRI-2122
Triton rear engine bearing HIgh quality Swiss made steel rear engine bearing
Triton front engine bearing High quality special seal front engine bearing for Triton engines.
Part# TRI-2106
Part# TRI-2105
Triton carburetor Boot Triton rubber carburetor slide boot for Triton engines
Triton 7mm carb venturi 7mm carb venturi for Triton  L4 & L5 engines.
Part# TRI-2178
Part# TRI-2155
Triton .21 piston wrist pin clips
Tritopn carburetor ball linkage Carburetor ball linkage for Triton engines.
Part# TRI-2152
Triton  Low speed needle Low speed carburetor needle for Triton engines. ( o-rings not included)
Triton  High speed needle housing High speed needle housing.
Part# TRI-2153
Part# TRI-2173
Triton carburetor lock Carburetor lockng assembly for Triton engines
Part# TRI-2116
Triton Idle air screw Idle air screw for Triton carburetor.
Part# TRI-2170
Triton High speed needle High speed needle for Triton carburetors. (o-rings not included)
Part# TRI-2176
Triton idle  air screw O-rings Idle air screw O-rings (6) per pack
Part# TRI-2169
Triton  backplate screws Triton backplate screws (4)
Part# TRI-2113
Triton backplate O Ring O ring for baclpkate on Triton engines
Part# TRI-2111
Triton L5 Pro Spec Piston sleeve L5 Pro Spec .21 Piston, sleeve set.
Part# TRI-2125
Triton L4  L5  Pro Spec balanced crankshaft Triton L4, L5 Pro Spec .21 crankshaft. HIgh performance silicone ramped and balanced with dual inserts.
Part# TRI-2108
Triton L4 Pro Spec cooling head
Part# TRI-2134
Triton L5 Pro Spec cooling head
Part# TRI-2135
Triton Ceramic rear engine bearing HIgh quality Swiss made Ceramic rear engine bearing for Triton  engines
Part# TRI-2107
Part# TRI-2100
Triton L4, L5 Pro Spec crankcase Crankcase for L4, L5 Pro Spec .21 engines ( no bearings)
Part# TRI-2112
Triton  Backingplate Backing plate for Triton engines
Triton Crankcase O Rings Crankcase O ring  ( under carburetor)  2 pcs
Part# TRI-2114
Triton venturi O Rings venturi O Rings   2 pcs
Part# TRI-2168
Triton Fuel inlet washers Aluminum Fuel inlet  torque washers 4 pcs
Part# TRI-2172
Triton small exhaust springs  3 pcs
Part# TRI-2202
Triton ribbed exhaust gaskets HIgh quality Triton exhaust gaskets (2) per pack. Fits on pipes that use a ribbed  style gasket.
Part# TRI-2117