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Triton  Drag racing & GT engines
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Triton L5 EVO GT On Road .21 engine low profile  Get ready to smoke the competition! The 5 port roar legal Triton L5 EVO GT racing engine was developed  and hand tuned to provide super strong bottom end, midrange and screaming top end performance for large heavy GT racing cars. This power balance is needed to compete in the GT class of the highest level of competition. Tire ripping torque,amazing top end RPM and xlnt fuel mileage make this the ONLY choice for serious GT racers!  The low profile design lowers engine height approx 9mm compared to other engines making the car handle better with less roll in corners. The carburetor design has been changed to provide even easier tuning than the previous version. The crankcase has been optimized for power and efficiency by manipulating the internal volume and angles. Cooling head is lower profile and  milled for easier engine mount driver access. . As always the highest quality bearings available are used in our engines. A Swiss front bearing with our special seal designed to prevent leaks like traditional front bearings and a Swiss inner Ceramic bearing provides ultra low friction and longetivity.  Each Triton Elite engine is hand matched, fitted and assembled in the USA with proprietary designs only our engines have. Tritons are not just another rebadged engine. We take pride in our products, have spent thousands of hours of R & D testing our designs and you simply will not find a higher quality, faster or more reliable engine on the market. Triton glow plugs recommended ( not included). Triton 2034 pipe recommended. Features special seal front bearing High quality Swiss Ceramic rear bearing Filled ramped crankshaft Ultra strong lightweight connecting rod Large diameter lightweight low profile cooling head Machined front case for flywheel clearance Easy and stable tuning carburetor
$ 369.99
Specifications: Engine size: 3.49cc Bore X Stroke: 16.2 X 16.8 HP: 2.89 RPM: 43,500 Triton engines are made in Italy and designed in the USA by Lance Heidmann with proprietary Specs not found in any other engine brand.
5 port .21 GT on road  engine
RCR MODS Triton Drag racing engines
After extensive testing and research we are proud to  announce the first real RC Drag racing Big Block .21  engines! In collaboration with RCR MODS. Until now the only option was on road engines which lack bottom end power and off road big blocks that have good bottom but lack mid and top end needed for drag racing. So there was always a compromise and something lacking. Now there is an engine that has the perfect power band for drag racing with instant off the line snap and  screaming top end! The new RCR Mods Triton D3 and D5 Drag racing engines are factory modified and specially designed for drag racing 132ft and up optimized and tuned to perform better than any other engine on the market.  Huge bottom end power and insane top end make these engines simply outperform any other engine on the market.  The engines are specially designed and tuned only for drag racing short runs and cannot be used for daily driving or bashing. As well they have too much power for stock applications the insane instant power these engines produce is just too much for most stock vehicles to handle. The cooling heads are made to help get engines up to temp better allowing for better tuning and performance.  Standard or even "cut" heads simply don’t allow the engine to warm up enough for optimal performance in  short drag runs. The engines are available tuned for 30% nitro or 50% nitro and you must specify when ordering as they are tuned  accordingly. They have been tuned for top performance from the new  RCR mods Triton 2034 on road drag pipe/header combo (available Feb 2020 ) We have tested these engines along with Team drivers over the last 8 months against the most used drag engines stock and modified  and they have outperformed every engine we tested against! More specs and details coming soon! Keep an eye out at RCRENEW.COM to order D3 Has the off the line power of a .30 or .32 but insane midrange and top end of a .21 so the D3 for most will be the best choice for 1/8 scale vehicles for 132ft. D5 the D5 has slightly less bottom end than the D3 but it has ridiculous top end and RPM so for lighter vehicles that don’t need as much bottom or for races over 132ft This engine shines as it has more top speed and RPM than anything else out there.  132 ft is not even enough room for the D5 to fully wind out as it reached such a high RPM.