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Triton L3 L5 Black edition Tuning guide
Triton engines tunes similar to most other brand engines. Always be sure your idle gap is correct before fine tuning as if your idle gap is off your tune will never be correct. The idle gap comes very close out of the box. If you ever need to check it is easy. Remove air filter and venturi so you can see clearly and back the idle screw OUT to where ther is No gap. Then turn the idle screw in 3/4 of a turn IN. This will be a good start and later when finer tuning you can adjust to fine tune. To start race tuning, tune the high speed needle first and when you think you have tuned it well on the high speed needle for good top speed performance now go to the low speed needle. Richen the low speed needle slowly a little at a time until the engine stalls form being too rich. Now slowly lean out the low speed needle until the engined oesn’t stall and has a good stable idle and has good acceleration off the line and up to the midrange RPM. Now run the engine on the track and check its performance. If there is crisp acceleration and power all through the powerband and a good smoke trail you have a good tune. If there is any sluggish/rich spots midrange or upper rpm’s then lean the high speed needle until the power is strong and crisp all the way through the powerband. ( lean is turning screws clockwise, rich is counter clockwise) Then go back and fine tune the low speed needle starting from overly rich then lean for stable idle and good off the line and midrange response. On a hot day ( 90+deg F) it is normal for Triton temps to be approx 240-270f degrees  at a race pace. Factory  rich settings are approx flush on the high speed needle and flush on the low speed needle for L4,L5 engines. For L3, L3 EVO and L5 EVO High speed is flush and low speed needle 2 turns OUT from flush. These setting are only how the engine come when new. They are NOT tuned settings. You will need to fine tune your engine and each engine will have different settings so do not just copy settings from here or from another engine as even same engines settings will vary. Each engine must be tuned by its own to its own Performance. Race settings will vary but are usually around .5 to 1 turn IN  from flush on high speed needle and around 1 turn OUT from flush on low speed needle for L3,L3 EVO,L5EVO. LSN on L4,L5 usually flush. ( Flush means the screw is level with the brass housing on the high speed needle and on the low speed it is level with the carburetor linkage housing SEE EXAMPLE pics below of flush) Keep in mind these  race tuned setting are only approx to give an example. Settings can vary by 1 turn or more because of different fuel, climate, glow plug, pipe etc..... so Always tune to the engines performance. Keep in mind sluggish bogs can be from too lean AND from too rich. So always tune the engine to where it runs best and has a good smoke trail from the exhaust. Lance Heidmann Triton RC RcRenew
flush needle settings